They needed us in Lesbos and we were there, thanks to the help of people like you.

Now they need us in the Mediterranean Sea, and we're asking again for your help to make it possible.


Those lifeguards that with the lack of governament action, decided to move to Lesbos. With money from their own pockets and their arms and fins as only resources.

Without fear and one responsability: Not let more people die in the sea.

Now we want to go further.

  • SEPTEMBER 2015

    When we got to Lesbos' beach, we were rescuing by swimming, without equipment.

  • SEPTEMBER 2015

    Soon we saw ourselves forced to perform lots of rescues by using the precarious crafts in which the refugees arrived.

  • OCTOBER 2015

    Thanks to the donations of lots of people like you, we obtained 2 rescue jetskis just in time for the shipwreck of the 28th of October.

  • DECEMBER 2015

    You continued supporting us with your donations. Thanks to that, we managed to get 3 completely equiped boats and continue rescuing with security.

  • JUNE 2015

    Nine months after, the routes change and the deaths of the refugees in the Mediterranean have multiplied. To be where they are, we need to take larger boats and equipment.


During the first three months of 2016, the greek islands (Lesbos and others) have been the main gateway of more than 150.000 refugees that have arrived to Europe.

After the deal between the European Union and Turkey, the refugees that arrive to the Aegean islands are deported to Turkey, and in consecuence, the entryways to Europe from Turkey are diminishing.

This way, new and much longer and dangerous routes are opening in the Central Mediterranean. This journey is much more extensive - about 300 km towards Lampedusa island and more than 500 km to Sicily -, that's why the number of deaths in this critic area is increasing.

From the start of 2016, about 30.000 migrants or refugees have arrived to the Italian coast, 9% more than last year's same period.


From the start of 2016





The number of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea increases everyday, that's why we have to be there.

They have given us a boat that we've turned into a medicalized rescue and surveillance boat. Also, the team has extended with Proactiva Open Arms professionals and volunteers that help reduce shipwrecks in the Mediterranean international waters.

We will rescue the people that need our help in the sea.

One year ago, the largest shipwreck of the history took place, with more than 800 missing people in the Mediterranean. Just one year later, in one week more than 1.000 people have gone missing in multiple shipwrecks. We don't want this to happen again. We won't allow it.

We will be the eyes and voice that denounce what's happening. What nobody tells us.


In what we will invest your help:

  • Help 1

    Professional captain, who will take us where help is needed.

  • Help 2

    Medical team on board, which will assist the people who we rescue.

  • Help 3

    Team of volunteer lifeguards, who will be our eyes and arms in the sea (food and transportation)

  • Help 4

    Transformation and equipment of the boat to perform all necessary rescue tasks.

  • Help 5

    Rescue devices and equipment to perform all rescue tasks in a quick and safe way.

  • Help 6

    Boat maintenance, to be where we're needed.